Tuesday, January 17, 2012


my boss issued bonus & announced, our cny shut down from 20/01/2012-31/01/2012. I'm really satisfy for the bonus that my boss gave, 2.12!! I still remember that time i planing to take part of my bonus to buy S2, now i change my mind, i gonna spend 25% of bonus to bought 1000 units of AMFIRST reit & 100 units of MAXIS :) Our company renew the line from maxis, i only spend RM199 to get S2, i'm happy for whole day... :P appreciated my boss gave me a big present b4 holiday!!! although the phone only can get on FEB, i dont mind, at least the thing in my secret wishing list already come to real life :)))))))))

11 day, al will be deduct 4 day. WTH for a long holiday, no place to go, JPO lot of ppl coming, sin dollar consider high for me to travel over there. stay at home for nearly 2 week holiday. a good rest for my body and soul? lol~

Actually I booked ticket to BKK on 02/2011, travel period 26/1/12-29/1/12, too bad i over spend for my new house then i got to cancel this trip, lucky this bkk ticket only spend me rm320 for 2 person. I'm decided
this year cny, i will stay at home acc my lovely family.

Just recovered from a serious illness, vomit non stop, fever keep gone & back. CNY around the corner, what the hell happen on me, i'm really suffer from this illness. lucky today getting better ^____^

My jobhop company not willing to wait for me till may, they asked me come to work immediate after CNY.. WTF, according the agreement between me & company, my notice period is 60 DaY... gotta said good bye to 4.5k high pay.Lucky in current company, maybe my boss can't give me high pay like that 1, but they doted me a lot. i think i should appreciated what i get from them and what i pay to get.

take it easy, i'm ONLY 28 for this year, i swear,when i step into 30. my monthly income will hits more than RM4.5k per month. (together with my part time) yearly bonus 10k per years :)))))))))))))))))



  1. aiyo, don't count on your working $$$... i feel so sad... i don't have employment income anymore.

    Only those shares i bought which have dividend payment to make me happy a bit at the moment....

    But, dividend so little... you got > 2 months bonus... how i wish i can have that...

    I have to tell myself 'gambateh' also...to make my dividend income become 4-digits...hohoho....

    Take care...

  2. DingDongLin,

    sad to said if i bcome housewife, my hubby not able to afford whole family expenses, so i must work to cover with him.
    become a career lady is not my achievement, i wish to be full time mommy and housewife in my future life. your current life is the way i want to be. i work for long period, first time to get 2 month bonus, i'm satisfy & happy that my boss really issued it to me and make me stay and work hard with him. Share dividend come to 4 digits also part of my target in my life, let's work hard together!!!